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Sundial – Research on Ancient Technology & Design Patterns

    This summer I took it upon myself to gain some understanding about electricity which has managed to elude me throughout the course of my lifetime for unknown reasons… it actually began to piss me off so much that I just devoured material exploring every different known facet as we understand it today. I knew nothing when I started, but I began to understand things quickly and make some realizations through applied physics experiments based on a few specific texts that I was able to dig up. To say that I have gained a new perspective on our universe would be an understatement. Unbelievably to me… this is where it led me.

  • Lake Tahoe - Tahoe Designer - Snapshots
  • Lake Tahoe - Tahoe Designer - Snapshots
  • Lake Tahoe - Tahoe Designer - Snapshots
  • If you want to know more about my research, I am writing a book on the marvelous journey that I have been on this summer, which is about the “ultimate infographic” and shares a few discoveries that I have made using archaic tools that will blow your mind and quite possibly rock the foundation of your beliefs and education. Bookmark this page as I will be posting a link to pre-order my book shortly before its release. You can also signup here to be notified when it becomes available.

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My name is Jeff Davis & I am a design consultant located on the north west shore of Lake Tahoe. Specializing in creative direction, user experience, and visual design, I'm currently freelancing & working with Branded UX.

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